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Why FDIs Continue to Shun Nigeria – Atiku Raises Concerns


Atiku Abuabar, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, has voiced apprehensions regarding Nigeria’s ability to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). In a statement from his Media Adviser, Paul Ibe, Atiku highlighted the importance of shifting focus from propaganda to genuine strategies aimed at luring investors.


Drawing attention to potential conflicts of interest, Atiku pointed out the involvement of President Bola Tinubu’s son and associates in companies linked to Gilbert Chagoury. This, he believes, could deter foreign investors and compromise transparency.


Atiku underscored the need for transparency in major infrastructure projects, citing concerns over procurement laws and project costs. He specifically mentioned the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway project, emphasizing the necessity for competitive bidding and adherence to due process.

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Moreover, Atiku criticized the handling of business closures and demolitions within the Oniru corridor, arguing that such actions undermine investor confidence and hinder economic growth.


Highlighting the importance of prioritizing national interest over personal agendas, Atiku urged the Tinubu administration to focus on improving the ease of doing business and fostering an environment conducive to investment.


In conclusion, Atiku stressed the significance of transparency, coordination, and effective governance in attracting foreign investments and ensuring long-term economic sustainability for Nigeria.



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