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We need to do more, content creation industry dying – Sydney Talker tells colleagues


Nigerian content creator, Sydney Talker has urged new and aspiring content creators to take charge and revitalise the industry.


He made this known in a post via his Instagram story on Monday, where he stated that the old guards have done their part and are now exploring other opportunities like movies, music, and businesses.


Sydney Talker further stressed that the new generation of creators needs to innovate and own the social media space, which is now being dominated by bloggers and activists.


However, he encouraged them to think beyond traditional stand-up comedy while emphasising that the world needs content creators now more than ever, as everyone seeks visibility through content.


He wrote, “Content creators wake up!! Especially the new ones or the aspiring ones. The content creator industry is dying! We need the new ones to do more because this content creation industry is in your hands now!


“The old ones have tried, Most of us are now into making movies music or other businesses because we are trying to bag bigger things. Please don’t blame us. When you get here, you’ll understand. But for now, you all new and aspiring creators Need to do more.”


He further added, “The content creation industry is losing relevance because the new and aspiring ones isn’t gaining relevance.


“Y’all need to wake up, young lads. First of, y’all need to understand that this social media space belongs to us. We are losing our space (Instagram} to bloggers and activists. Come on guys y’all need to step up.

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