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Senator Umahi – “God Brought Tinubu To Power”

David Umahi, Nigeria’s Minister of Works, asserts that he had precise word from God that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration would survive eight years. Umahi, a former governor of Ebonyi State, is optimistic about Tinubu’s chances of winning reelection when Nigerians go to the polls in 2027, more than three years from now, despite his short tenure in power.


Umahi said: “You must know that the coming onboard of Mr President is divine. When God starts a thing, He completes it.


“So, I strongly believe and I am persuaded to let you know that God told me that this administration will last eight years because this administration is born of God.


“You can see the miracle that Mr President is doing through the inspiration of God Almighty who brought him to right all the wrongs,” the minister noted on the show.


“So, we are taking back this country and giving back this country to Nigerians and that’s what Mr President has come to do and we are just there to give him support.

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