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Ramadan Commences Following Moon Sighting in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia declared on Sunday the sighting of the Ramadan crescent moon, marking the beginning of the holy month on Monday, March 11.


The announcement by Saudi Arabia was swiftly followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), also setting Monday as the start of Ramadan.


Similar declarations were made by Qatar, aligning with the traditional method of using lunar sightings to determine the start of Ramadan, a practice upheld by Muslims worldwide.


Ramadan, observed by over 1.8 billion Muslims, is a month of fasting and spiritual reflection, integral to Islamic tradition.


The lunar-based Islamic calendar dictates the start of Ramadan, varying each year by about ten days in the Gregorian calendar, adding to the anticipation and spiritual significance of the month.

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While Saudi Arabia typically leads in moon sightings, countries like Nigeria await official declarations, demonstrating the global significance and anticipation surrounding Ramadan’s commencement.


As Muslims worldwide prepare to embark on this sacred journey of fasting, prayer, and reflection, the unity in observing Ramadan underscores its profound cultural and religious significance.



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