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Prince Harry Gives Speech on Mental Health Alongside His Wife in Nigeria Tour


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embarked on a meaningful journey to Nigeria, championing mental health awareness as part of their mission to promote the Invictus Games. Their 72-hour visit to Nigeria has been filled with impactful engagements, including a heartfelt speech by Prince Harry at the Lights Academy in Abuja.


Speaking passionately about mental health, Prince Harry emphasized the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding it. He highlighted how mental health affects every individual, urging everyone to prioritize self-care and open conversations. Meghan, standing by his side, nodded in agreement, echoing the couple’s commitment to destigmatizing mental health challenges.


During their stay, the royal couple donned casual yet elegant attire, blending seamlessly with the vibrant Nigerian culture. Prince Harry wore a light grey top, while Meghan opted for a peach-colored dress, both adorned with traditional African necklaces.

Arriving in Abuja after a brief separation, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were warmly received by Nigerian officials, continuing their journey alongside a dedicated security team. Their itinerary includes visits to military headquarters, volleyball games, and interactions with injured armed forces personnel and their families.


As they continue their tour, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remain steadfast in their advocacy for mental health awareness, leaving a lasting impact on the communities they visit.”

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