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Phones, TikTok, parties and Study Habits Blamed for UTME Failure


Following the release of the 2024 UTME results, which saw a staggering 77% failure rate, Nigerians are pointing fingers at various factors contributing to the poor performance.


JAMB’s Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, disclosed the results, revealing that out of over 1.94 million candidates, 77% scored below 200. This revelation sparked a flurry of discussions online, with individuals sharing their opinions on the matter.


One lawyer, tweeting as @egi_nupe___, lamented the influence of social media on students, highlighting the distraction it poses to studying. He emphasized the need for strict measures to limit internet access during exam preparation.


Similarly, concerns were raised about the prevalence of examination malpractice and the reliance on private schools to secure good grades, rather than genuine academic effort.

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Others pointed out issues with computer-based testing (CBT), citing instances of technical glitches during exams. Suggestions were made for JAMB to address these issues to ensure a fair assessment process.


While some attributed the high failure rate to poor study habits and inadequate preparation, others urged JAMB to reconsider scheduling exams as early as 7 am, arguing that it may affect candidates’ performance.


The widespread condemnation of the UTME results underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the root causes of the mass failure, including addressing technological challenges and promoting effective study methods. Only through comprehensive reform can the integrity of Nigeria’s educational assessment system be restored.



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