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Peter Obi Set to Meet Nigerians in UK on May 6

Yunusa Tanko, spokesperson for the Peter Obi Media Reach (POMR), has announced that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, will convene a town hall meeting with Nigerians residing in the UK on May 6. Tanko revealed that the gathering, organized by the Obidient Movement in the UK, aims to express gratitude to Nigerians for their invaluable contributions during the 2023 presidential campaign.


During the meeting, Obi will engage with attendees, acknowledging their pivotal role in the electoral process and encouraging them to sustain their commitment towards future elections in Nigeria. Tanko emphasized that fostering a connection with supporters remains a priority for Obi, who seeks to bolster their enthusiasm for civic engagement.


“The primary objective of the meeting is to engage Nigerians in the UK and express appreciation for their dedicated efforts, particularly during the 2023 presidential campaign,” Tanko stated. “Obi aims to foster a sense of unity and inspire continued activism among his supporters.”

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Additionally, on the same day, Obi will deliver a keynote address titled ‘The Role of African Leaders in Promoting Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility.’ This speaking engagement, organized by the Anglia Ruskin University Nigerian Students Association in collaboration with the Cambridge University Nigerian Society, underscores Obi’s commitment to advancing dialogue on pressing global issues.


Tanko highlighted the significance of Obi’s participation in the event, emphasizing his advocacy for effective leadership and social accountability on a global scale.


“Obi’s address will delve into the crucial role of African leaders in advancing principles of global citizenship and social responsibility,” Tanko remarked. “By engaging with academic institutions and student associations, Obi aims to stimulate meaningful discourse and inspire action towards positive societal change.”


As anticipation mounts for these engagements, Peter Obi remains steadfast in his dedication to fostering dialogue, empowering citizens, and advocating for progressive leadership both at home and abroad.



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