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Osinbajo Urges Church Leaders to Condemn Bribery and Corruption

Former Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo and outgoing Director-General of the Budget Office, Ben Akabueze, have called on Nigerian pastors to actively denounce bribery, corruption, and theft. The appeal was made at the inaugural Daniel Taiwo Odukoya Lecture in Lagos, emphasizing the need for Christian values to drive transformative change in the country.


Osinbajo highlighted the significant presence of Christians in government, yet noted the lack of expected transformative impact. He emphasized that the lives and actions of Christians in public service should exemplify the principles of the gospel. “Righteousness exalts a nation,” he said, questioning how often church leaders challenge the unethical acquisition of wealth.


Osinbajo stressed that the church should not accept unexplained affluence and should ensure that Christians in government uphold gospel principles. He argued that the behavior and teachings of the church significantly influence the nation’s destiny.


In his lecture titled “Strengthening the Christian Voice in Government and Public Office,” Akabueze echoed these sentiments, stressing the need for unity and adherence to core Christian values such as love, mercy, integrity, justice, diligence, and truthfulness. He called for Christian stewardship in public office, urging leaders to manage resources wisely and equitably.


Akabueze emphasized that promoting social justice and equity aligns with Christian teachings. He highlighted the Bible’s advocacy for the marginalized and oppressed, and called on Christians in public office to champion policies that protect vulnerable members of society. He urged for economic policies that promote fairness and reduce inequality.


Toluwani Odukoya, Associate Senior Pastor, highlighted her late father’s passion for knowledge and commitment to learning. She expressed hope that the annual lectures would continue his legacy of empowerment and enlightenment, enhancing understanding of leadership from a Christian perspective.


Senior Pastor Jimmy Odukoya presented a book by his late father, “Reclaiming the Nigerian Dream,” reflecting his father’s passion for Nigeria and belief in influencing government through prayer and character.



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