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NLC Suspends Protest, Extends Deadline for Government Action

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has chosen to pause its nationwide protest following a day of impactful demonstrations. The decision, reached during a late-night session of the National Executive Council, comes amidst escalating concerns over economic hardships gripping the nation.

Acknowledging the resonance of their message on the first day of protests, the NLC opted to temporarily suspend street actions while extending the ultimatum issued to the Federal Government. This strategic move underscores the NLC’s commitment to constructive dialogue while maintaining pressure for tangible reforms.

Addressing core issues including rising inflation, food insecurity, and the removal of petrol subsidies, the protest galvanized widespread support and brought urgent attention to the plight of Nigerian workers. Labour leader Joe Ajaero emphasized the urgent need for meaningful solutions, particularly regarding the implementation of a revised minimum wage to address pervasive hunger and financial insecurity.

Despite the pause in street protests, the NLC remains steadfast in its advocacy efforts. Across all states, simultaneous press conferences organized by state Councils of the Congress and the National Headquarters will sustain momentum and amplify demands for government action.

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The decision to extend the ultimatum by an additional 7 days underscores the NLC’s unwavering resolve to see concrete progress. With the new deadline set for March 13, 2024, the NLC stands ready to reassess the situation and consider further avenues of action if necessary.

At its core, this decision reaffirms the NLC’s unwavering commitment to championing the rights and welfare of Nigerian workers. By pausing protests and extending deadlines, the NLC sends a clear message that it remains vigilant in its pursuit of a fairer, more equitable society for all citizens.



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