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Multichoice Defies Court Order, Increases DStv and GOtv Subscriptions Despite Backlash

In a bold move that defies a court order from the Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal (CCPT), Multichoice Nigeria has proceeded to hike subscription rates for its DStv and GOtv packages. Despite the tribunal’s ruling restraining Multichoice from implementing tariff increases starting May 1, the company has gone ahead with the price adjustments, leaving countless subscribers facing higher bills.


This unilateral action has sparked widespread outrage among customers, who feel let down by Multichoice’s disregard for both the legal system and the concerns of its clientele. The CCPT’s decision to restrain Multichoice’s tariff hikes was seen as a victory for consumers who had voiced their opposition to the price increases, citing economic challenges and a lack of justification from the company.

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However, Multichoice’s refusal to comply with the court order raises serious questions about its adherence to ethical business practices and respect for legal directives. In response to allegations that officers at Multichoice’s Abuja office declined to accept the court order and other legal documents, the CCPT has granted an application for substituted service. This allows for the delivery of legal documents through alternative channels, in this case, the company’s Lagos headquarters.


The tribunal’s decision to grant substituted service underscores the seriousness of the situation and the need for Multichoice to recognize and comply with legal directives aimed at protecting consumers’ interests. As the dispute continues to unfold, subscribers await further developments in the ongoing battle between consumer rights and corporate interests.




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