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Man Kills His Girlfriend, Dumps Her Body At Other Boyfriend’s Place, Hangs Himself

Joshua Mathebula has been identified as the perpetrator behind the tragic demise of his 24-year-old girlfriend, occurring in Ga-Kabu, Ga-Mashamothane, Limpopo. Mathebula’s actions, driven by jealousy and alcohol, resulted in the stabbing death of his partner before he took his own life.


The heart-wrenching incident unfolded when Mathebula, in a state of inebriation, discovered that his girlfriend was romantically involved with her former lover, a senior teacher at School. In a fit of rage, he ended her life and callously dumped her body at the residence of the teacher, leaving a behind stating: ” the same way you used to f*ck her when I’m at work, F*ck her now, she’s all yours”.



In his live confession on social media, Mathebula chillingly recounted the events of that fateful night, sharing graphic images of the deceased and expressing his intention to end his own life. His black Audi later found abandoned near a river, bore witness to his final moments, where he left behind a poignant note saying, “Call Thomas. Take Me Home – along with contact number”, and hanged himself on a tree.


Mathebula’s employment at a local mining company and his origins from Tzaneen further underscore the tragedy that has gripped the community. As authorities and forensic teams handle the aftermath, the community is left grappling with shock and sorrow over the loss of two lives in such a senseless act of violence.



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