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Labour Rejects Federal Government’s N48,000 Minimum Wage Proposal

In a decisive move, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) have taken a stand against the proposed minimum wage put forth by the Federal Government. Walking out of the ongoing negotiations, the organized labor unions expressed dismay at what they termed as “ridiculous offers.”

During the negotiations, the government proposed a minimum wage of N48,000, while the Organised Private Sector (OPS) suggested N54,000. However, both offers were met with staunch opposition from the labor representatives.

According to a TUC leader present at the meeting, the government’s proposal lacked substantial data to support its validity. Conversely, OPS claimed that none of its members pays less than N78,000, further highlighting the disparities in the negotiations.

“We presented our stance with a proposal of N615,000, standing firm on our principles. However, the offers put forward by the government and OPS fell short of addressing the pressing needs of the labor force. Without credible data to support their proposals, we saw no reason to continue the discussions,” the TUC source stated.

The organized labor unions have made it clear that they are open to meaningful negotiations but will not entertain offers that do not reflect the true value of workers’ contributions to the economy. Until a more realistic and data-driven proposal is presented, the unions remain steadfast in their position.

Details later….

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