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Imudia Family Denies Suicide Claims of Ex-Konga CEO

The family of Nick Imudia, the former CEO of e-commerce giant Konga and Group CEO of D.light International, has refuted reports suggesting that he committed suicide. The family clarified that the cause of Imudia’s death is still under investigation, but suicide has been definitively ruled out.


In an official statement, Dr. Anthony N. Imudia emphasized that any reports claiming Nick Imudia contacted his brother and daughter with specific instructions before his death are false. The family also criticized the media for prematurely reporting the news of his death while they were still at the hospital attempting to revive him.


“The family of Nick Imudia is unhappy with the unprofessional manner in which the media has wrongly characterized Nick Imudia’s death as suicide,” the statement read. The Lagos State Commissioner of Police’s office has pledged to investigate the sudden death, supporting the family’s assertion that Nick did not call his brother in America or his daughter with any final instructions.


The family questioned how the news of Nick’s death was reported so swiftly—within three hours—while they were still unaware and the medical team was working to resuscitate him. This hasty reporting has added to their suspicion regarding the accuracy of the initial suicide reports.


Nick Imudia’s family described him as a vibrant individual who showed no signs of stress or depression. They emphasized that the notion of him committing suicide is inconsistent with his behavior and state of mind.


At the time of his death, Nick Imudia was managing D.light International’s global operations from their headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. He had recently visited Lagos after a trip to the Netherlands and was scheduled to return to Nairobi shortly before his unexpected passing. Imudia had a notable career, starting with Nokia where he rose to manage the company’s operations in Asia and later West and Central Africa. Following Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft, Imudia left the company and took on the challenge of reengineering Konga Nigeria as its CEO.


Imudia’s untimely death has left those who knew him in shock, with many rejecting the notion that he could have taken his own life. The family has requested that the media and public respect their privacy and allow them to grieve without the distraction of unfounded rumors about the circumstances of his death.




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