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Governor Mbah Signs Landmark Laws to Boost Investment and End Land Grabbing in Enugu

Governor Peter Mbah has signed four pivotal bills into law. These laws are set to enhance property rights, promote sustainable livestock management, boost sports development, and safeguard the environment.


This law aims to combat land grabbing and secure property rights, ensuring that land title documents are reliable and valuable. Governor Mbah emphasized that the law would impose severe penalties on those involved in land grabbing, thus making Enugu State a more attractive destination for property investors.


Designed to end the practice of open grazing, this law seeks to promote organized and sustainable livestock farming. Governor Mbah addressed misconceptions about the law, clarifying that its purpose is to mitigate conflicts between farmers and herders by encouraging modern cattle rearing practices. The law also includes provisions for establishing proper abattoirs and cattle markets.


This legislation focuses on proactive environmental protection and climate change mitigation. Governor Mbah stressed the importance of moving beyond mere rhetoric, outlining clear policies and plans to address environmental challenges and protect the ozone layer.


Aimed at nurturing talent and fostering economic growth through sports, this law supports grassroots sports initiatives, school sports programs, and overall sports sector development. Governor Mbah highlighted sports as a significant economic driver and a tool for community engagement.

Governor Mbah Signs Landmark Laws to Boost Investment and End Land Grabbing in Enugu

At the signing ceremony, attended by key government officials including the Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Uchenna Ugwu, and the Clerk of the State Assembly, Dr. Emma Udaya, Governor Mbah outlined the transformative potential of these laws. He expressed gratitude to the State Assembly for their prompt passage of the bills, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that strengthens democracy.


– On Property Protection: “This law is designed to reassure investors that their property titles are secure and to penalize land grabbers severely. It’s a significant step towards improving our ease of doing business.”

– On Ranch Management: “Misunderstandings aside, this law promotes modern cattle rearing to prevent conflicts and ensure a civilized approach to livestock farming.”

– On Environmental Protection: “We’re committed to actionable environmental policies to safeguard our community against the dangers of climate change.”

– On Sports Development: “This law will help us tap into the economic and social benefits of sports, nurturing talents from the grassroots level.”




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