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FG Increases Charges in Wood Export by 150 Percent



In a move to regulate and optimize Nigeria’s wood sector, the Federal Government has announced a substantial increase in export charges, marking a significant shift in the industry landscape. Effective immediately, indigenous exporters will face a 150 percent surge, with charges escalating from N100,000 to N250,000 per 20 feet container. Similarly, foreign exporters will experience a staggering 350 percent rise, with charges soaring from N150,000 to N500,000 per 20 feet container.


This directive, outlined in the newly issued policy guidelines by the Department of Forestry under the Federal Ministry of Environment, also imposes a strict cap on wood export, limiting it to a maximum of 200 containers per year per company. Additionally, all commercial wood processors or exporters are mandated to establish and operate within processed wood producers, processors, or exporters associations.

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Commenting on this development, Mr. Joe Odiase, Secretary of the Tropical Wood Exporters Association of Nigeria (TWEAN), emphasized the regulatory impact of the policy, foreseeing the creation of approximately 5 million jobs across the wood value chain. The guidelines, titled ‘Policy Guideline for the Production, Processing, and Export of Processed Wood,’ underscore the government’s commitment to sustainability, with provisions for periodic determinations of export quotas and associated charges.


As per the policy, export charges are earmarked at N250,000 per 20 feet container for indigenous exporters and N500,000 per 20 feet container for foreign exporters, aligning with sustainability principles. Moreover, the issuance of permits for wood export is strictly limited to a ceiling of 200 containers annually per company, ensuring prudent management of the nation’s wood resources while fostering economic growth within the sector.



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