Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Enugu Police Debunk Viral Video Claims of Organ Harvesting


The Enugu State Police Command has addressed a viral video alleging an attempted organ harvesting of two young women in an Enugu hotel. Contrary to the claims circulating online, their investigation has revealed that the incident was a case of extortion and fraud, not murder or organ harvesting.


According to the police, the two women, who are commercial sex workers, met with two men on July 3, 2024, at a hotel along Agbani Road in Enugu. They agreed to meet the men again the following day. During this meeting, the suspects attacked the women, tied them up in the hotel’s toilet, and forcibly took their phones and bank details, including their PINs. The suspects then withdrew a total of ₦120,000.00 from the victims’ accounts before fleeing the scene.

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A video of the victims being rescued subsequently went viral, leading to widespread but incorrect rumors about organ harvesting. The police have recovered a bag left behind by the suspects containing two kitchen knives and sportswear, and they are actively pursuing the suspects.


The Enugu State Police Command has urged hotel owners and managers to enhance their security measures and ensure thorough screening of guests. They also advised young women to be cautious about meeting unknown individuals to avoid falling victim to similar crimes.




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