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EFCC Dismisses Allegations Against Ex-Governors; Denies Involvement in Fabricated List

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has categorically refuted claims of a published list implicating former governors in corruption scandals, labeling it as false and fabricated. Despite reports circulating in various media outlets, the EFCC has clarified that it neither released such a list nor engaged in discussions regarding the investigation of ex-governors with any news medium.


Contrary to the alleged roster of 58 former governors purportedly under scrutiny for embezzling N2.187 trillion over 25 years, the EFCC emphasized that it has not issued any such documentation. This stance underscores the agency’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in its operations.

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In light of this misinformation, the EFCC urges the public to disregard the erroneous reports, cautioning against the dissemination of misleading information. Furthermore, it advises media practitioners to verify facts directly with the Commission to prevent the propagation of false narratives.


While the EFCC remains vigilant in its efforts to combat corruption and hold public officials accountable, it asserts the importance of adhering to factual accuracy to maintain the integrity of investigative processes.



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