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Biden Campaign Raises $53 Million in Donations, Entering General Election with Cash Advantage

The reelection campaign of President Joe Biden amassed an impressive $53 million in February, signaling a surge in donor engagement as the rematch with former President Donald Trump looms large.


This robust fundraising haul, inclusive of contributions to Biden’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and associated joint fundraising committees, bolstered the campaign’s war chest to a hefty $155 million by the end of February.


This financial edge places Biden in a formidable position compared to Trump, whose fundraising efforts have consistently trailed behind those of the Democrats throughout the campaign season.


Despite grappling with diminished approval ratings and polls indicating tight races in pivotal battlegrounds, Biden’s fundraising prowess has emerged as a bright spot for his reelection bid.


With ample funds at their disposal, Biden’s team is embarking on an ambitious expansion strategy in battleground states, including the establishment of 100 offices and the recruitment of 350 staffers this month alone.


The president has been crisscrossing electoral battlegrounds extensively as the general election campaign gains momentum, with forthcoming stops planned in Nevada and Arizona this week. Notably, the campaign bears the financial responsibility of reimbursing the government for Air Force One travel expenses and other related costs.


Further fortifying their electoral outreach, the campaign has made substantial investments in television advertising, launching a $30 million initiative in battleground states following Biden’s recent State of the Union address. Remarkably, the address catalyzed $10 million in donations, a significant contribution not reflected in February’s fundraising figures.

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February’s fundraising highlights included a lucrative three-day fundraising stint in California, anticipated to generate up to $10 million. Additionally, Biden’s effort received a considerable boost from the South Carolina Republican primary, yielding $1.6 million, and a fundraising email from First Lady Jill Biden following the release of special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which garnered $853,000 in donations.


A fundraising contest offering supporters the chance to win tickets to an upcoming event featuring Biden alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton also proved successful, drawing in $4 million in February.


The Biden campaign emphasizes its grassroots support, citing contributions from 1.3 million donors since the campaign’s inception, with 97% of donations totaling less than $200. February marked the campaign’s most robust grassroots fundraising month to date.


Rob Flaherty, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, underscores the significance of grassroots enthusiasm, anticipating a surge in support as the race progresses. With over 6 million donors in 2020, the campaign anticipates further growth in donor engagement as the election draws nearer.


As the Biden-Trump rematch gains traction in the public consciousness, campaign officials anticipate heightened donor activity. February witnessed a notable uptick in grassroots donations driven by email solicitations focusing on Trump’s potential candidacy and reminders of his record, signaling a strategic shift in fundraising tactics.


“The salience of the contrast really grew… We are now starting to see the performance of the anti-Trump content,” observes Flaherty, reflecting on the evolving dynamics shaping the campaign’s fundraising strategy.



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