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ASUU Threatens Nationwide Strike Over Absence of Governing Councils in Federal Universities

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has issued a stern warning of a nationwide strike amidst the Federal Government’s failure to appoint Governing Councils for Federal Universities.


During a press briefing at the University of Abuja, ASUU criticized the lack of action from the President Tinubu-led administration regarding academic matters in Nigerian Federal Universities. The union particularly denounced the absence of governing councils and raised concerns about recent salary increments for professors and other academics, viewing them as potentially reversible wage awards.


Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, ASUU’s President, emphasized the union’s patience in awaiting government action, expressing disappointment over the prolonged delay in addressing critical issues affecting the university system.

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Furthermore, ASUU highlighted the illegality of the dissolution of governing councils, citing it as a violation of established university principles. The dissolution, initially announced by the National Universities Commission and reinforced by President Tinubu’s directive, has raised significant concerns among educators nationwide.


The looming threat of a nationwide strike underscores ASUU’s determination to push for necessary reforms and uphold the integrity of the Nigerian higher education system. Stay tuned for further developments on this escalating situation.



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