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45,000 Russian Soldiers Killed in Ukraine War

An extensive investigation by the BBC Russian Service and Mediazona has revealed that no fewer than 45,000 Russian soldiers have lost their lives since the onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022. The report, drawing from open-source data and volunteer efforts, meticulously identifies these casualties, shedding light on the human toll of the prolonged conflict.

Notably, the investigation unveils a poignant aspect of the casualties: approximately two-thirds of those identified had no prior military affiliation, signifying a diverse array of individuals thrust into the turmoil as volunteers, mobilized citizens, prisoners, or recruits from private companies.

The findings underscore a concerning escalation in casualties, particularly during the period from October 2023 to February 2024, where confirmed soldiers losses surged, notably around the Avdeevka region. This spike in casualties coincides with intensified hostilities in the area, as both sides grapple for control amidst the protracted conflict.

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While the documented figures offer a stark glimpse into the human cost of the war, they likely represent only a fraction of the actual toll, with the report cautioning that the true number of casualties could be twice as high. The investigation’s methodology, relying primarily on publicly available data such as obituaries and cemetery records, acknowledges the inherent limitations in capturing the full scope of losses.

As the conflict persists, both Russia and Ukraine maintain a shroud of secrecy over their military losses, amplifying the challenge of comprehending the true extent of the tragedy. Despite the staggering toll, the Kremlin’s narrative of national defense and Ukrainian resilience persists, perpetuating the cycle of violence and underscoring the urgent need for a resolution to the devastating conflict.



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