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Fraudsters Clone Air Peace Website, Dupe Customers



Air Peace, an indigenous aviation firm, issued a warning on Tuesday that some travellers planning to book tickets to the United Kingdom using their portal had been duped by scammers who cloned its official website. The alarm was issued just a few days after the airline inaugurated its historic direct trip from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.


Air Peace took to its official X handle (formerly Twitter) to raise the alarm, warning customers against the activities of scammers whom it said have cloned its website and fleecing unsuspecting passengers.


It further stated that the cyber criminals used some of its website identity collaterals to come up with a fake website and have used it to defraud unsuspecting customers.

It wrote: “Our attention has been drawn to the existence of a website “” purporting to be an official Air Peace website and defrauding unsuspecting individuals.


“We would like to dissociate the Air Peace brand from this fraudulent site because it is not owned by us. The one and only website of the Air Peace remains “



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