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Myanmar-China Joint Operation: 800 Suspected Scammers Apprehended



In a coordinated effort between Myanmar and China, law enforcement teams conducted a sweeping crackdown on cross-border scammers, resulting in the arrest of over 800 individuals, as confirmed by the Beijing embassy in Yangon.


The targeted scammers, operating within Myanmar’s borders, represent a network involved in fraudulent activities, with a significant portion hailing from China and other nations. Industry experts estimate the illicit operations to be a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.


Amidst its alliance with Myanmar’s ruling junta, China has persistently urged authorities to address the proliferation of such scams, aligning with its broader stance against transnational crime.


Utilizing intelligence and collaboration, Chinese law enforcement supported Myanmar counterparts in executing raids primarily centered around Muse City, a vital nexus for cross-border trade situated in the northern Shan state. Seized during these operations were crucial items including computers, mobile devices, and scripts used in perpetrating fraud.

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Of the detained individuals, 352 were identified as Chinese nationals, subsequently repatriated to China following their apprehension. The remaining suspects comprised Myanmar citizens, facing legal actions within the country.


Despite the significant crackdown, Myanmar’s ruling junta has refrained from issuing official statements regarding the joint operation.


Recent data from the United Nations human rights office highlighted the alarming extent of the issue, revealing that upwards of 120,000 individuals were held captive within scam compounds across Myanmar. Notably, many of these illicit operations were concentrated in Laukkai, a town in northeastern Shan state, which has since witnessed intervention by an alliance of ethnic minority armed groups determined to eradicate such criminal enterprises.


In a separate report, Chinese state media disclosed that over 40,000 individuals suspected of involvement in cyber scams in Myanmar were extradited to China in the preceding year, underscoring the magnitude of cross-border criminal activities and the collaborative efforts underway to combat them.



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