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Egypt’s President Begins Third Term, After Economic Bailout



Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi commences his third term amidst a wave of financial support, yet experts caution that the journey out of economic turmoil will be lengthy.


Securing a landslide victory in December’s election, Sisi is poised to formally begin his term this week. Amidst speculation of a cabinet reshuffle, Cairo grapples with the aftermath of a severe economic downturn and currency shortages.


Facing the brink of default, Egypt saw a sudden influx of over $50 billion in loans and investments, including a $35-billion land development deal from the UAE. The bailout, praised for averting catastrophe, prompted a surge in economic indicators and credit ratings.


However, analysts stress that Egypt’s underlying economic challenges, such as public spending and inflation, demand attention. Despite initial improvements, citizens continue to battle soaring inflation, standing at 35 percent.

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The bailout, while critical, comes with conditions, including a move towards a flexible exchange rate and reducing state and military involvement in the economy. Concerns linger about potential government intervention and the need for substantive reforms to prevent a recurrence of crisis.


Moreover, Egypt contends with regional ramifications, accommodating refugees from conflicts in Sudan and Gaza.


Internally, the populace grapples with economic hardship and limited avenues for dissent. Despite hopes for change, civil society faces repression, with thousands detained and rights groups targeted.


As Egypt navigates its economic and political landscape, the specter of discontent looms large amidst a climate of uncertainty and restricted freedoms.



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