Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Joint Security Force Raid Insurgent’s Camp, Destroy Weapons, Charms In Anambra



Police Commissioner CP Aderemi Adeoye directed the Police-Led Joint Security Force to locate and demolish any camp that insurgents were using to launch attacks within the Command as they searched for the gunmen who had attacked two police stations in the last two weeks: Awgbu in Orumba North and Neni in Anaocha LGA. Two similar camps, one in Achalla, Awka North LGA, and the other in Ogbunka, Orumba South LGA, had already been demolished by us. The Joint Security Force invaded the Ogbunka woodlands in Orumba South LGA yesterday, Friday, March 29, 2024, and discovered the rebels’ dispersed camps. The culprits, scared of the onslaught, ran away.

Two walkie talkies and six IEDs (improvised explosive devices) that were ready for an attack were found in the camps. Significant supplies of food and consumables were also found. After that, every camp was demolished to prevent the rebels from having a place to base their attacks. The continuous operation to look for rebels and their camps in the woodlands aims to kill terrorists, free kidnapped individuals, and retrieve weapons and pilfered cars that they may have.

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In the meantime, Ndi Anambra receives heartfelt Easter greetings from the Commissioner of Police. He asks for the entire state to be ruled by the peace of Christ, which surpasses all comprehension. He wants to reassure Ndi Anambra that, in spite of the risks, the Police Command operating under his direction will keep serving the people without reservation. In order to stop development and discover the hideouts of insurgents looking to topple the government, he pleaded with all civilians to work with the police. In order to safeguard informants, he gave his word that the Police would zealously guard the sources of their information.



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