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Why Bobrisky Was Given the “Best Dressed Female” Award – Actress Eniola Ajao


Nigerian actress and filmmaker Eniola Ajao has addressed the uproar surrounding Bobrisky’s unexpected win as “Best Dressed Female” at the premiere of her movie, ‘Ajakaju.’


At the star-studded premiere of her latest film, “Ajanaku: Beast of Two Worlds,” attendees flaunted captivating outfits, leading to Bobrisky’s surprising accolade as the evening’s top-dressed female, coupled with a one-million-naira prize.


However, the decision triggered discontent among some guests, including Toyin Abraham, Portable, and Dayo Amusa, sparking heated debates both offline and across social media platforms.

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Ossai Threatens Legal Action Against Bobrisky for ‘Best Dressed Female’ Award

Ossai Threatens Legal Action Against Bobrisky for ‘Best Dressed Female’ Award

A public dispute ensued between Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa, with the latter criticizing Adebayo for endorsing Bobrisky’s win.


In an exclusive interview with Arise News TV, Eniola Ajao shed light on the controversial decision, revealing it as a calculated move to generate buzz and promote her film through strategic marketing.


Ajao clarified that Bobrisky’s polarizing persona factored into the decision, leveraging his controversy to garner additional attention for her project.


She explained, “It was all in good humor. Our aim was to create a buzz around the movie. We wanted it to be on everyone’s lips. Hence, we chose to award Bobrisky the Best Dressed Female title. Given his controversial nature, it was a strategic move. While the decision sparked conversations, some were displeased. However, it’s important to note that Femi Adebayo merely presented the award and wasn’t part of the judging panel. Nigerians shouldn’t direct their frustration towards him.



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