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NAFDAC Clamps Down On Illegal Drug, Beverage Factories In South-East


In Onitsha, Anambra State, the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) seized pharmaceutical items valued at millions of Naira.


This is all the while the regulatory body has discovered illicit factories in the states of Enugu and Imo that are manufacturing fake alcoholic beverages.


The agency’s determination to stop the production and distribution of illegal substances in the South-East region is demonstrated by the crackdown on illicit and counterfeit goods.


Martins Iluyomade, the South-East Zone Director of NAFDAC, declared the raids’ success during a news conference on Wednesday in the capital city of Anambra State, Awka.

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Iluyomade highlighted the operation in Onitsha, describing the confiscation of 892 bottles of codeine syrup in addition to large amounts of Tramadol and Rohypnol, among other prohibited drugs.


Louis Mmadubuatta, the NAFDAC Coordinator for Anambra State, spearheaded the operation, which was praised as a success for public health and safety.


Significant quantities of Rohypnol, a drug notoriously used by criminals for evil deeds like kidnapping and assault, were among the substances seized, and they pose a serious risk to public health.


“These are controlled drugs which should not be found in an open market or in the hands of individuals,” Iluyomade emphasised, pointing out the grave danger posed by such psychoactive substances to the community.


As they conducted their operations, NAFDAC agents discovered important information in the states of Enugu and Imo, where they dismantled factories producing counterfeit alcoholic beverages. Unauthorised dry gin was discovered being produced in Enugu State at a factory in the Igboeze South Local Government Area that went by the name BEST IJAW. Eight PVC containers filled with what appears to be ethanol were found at the location, underscoring the illegal character of their activities.



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