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Enugu State Partners With ALX Nigeria To Offer Free AI Course To 5,000 Youth



Enugu State and ALX Nigeria have announced a ground-breaking collaboration with the goal of giving 5,000 young people critical Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. The Free Artificial Intelligence Career Essentials (AICE) course is a critical project that will empower Enugu’s youth and equip them for the rapidly changing tech-driven labour market.


The goal of the partnership between ALX Nigeria and the Enugu State Government is to systematically train youth in the foundational abilities needed for artificial intelligence. This initiative, which recognises the need of keeping up with technology developments, makes sure that the youth of Enugu are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.


The Enugu State Government and ALX are working towards the same objective of democratising access to high-caliber tech education. They hope to empower young people economically by giving them the resources they need to pursue lucrative careers in AI and related sectors by delivering the AICE course at no cost.

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Lloyd Ekweremadu, the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, stressed the need of cooperation in promoting socioeconomic development and youth empowerment in the state during a news conference held in Enugu. Ekweremadu emphasised Enugu State’s dedication to provide its young people with the necessary skills to succeed in the tech-driven world of today and compete internationally in ICT and technology.


Youth unemployment is a major problem in Nigeria, and programmes like the AICE course are essential to solving this issue. The partnership between ALX and the State Government of Enugu intends to generate possibilities for kids by enhancing their tech skills, empowering them to harness the potential of AI and start rewarding careers.


Enugu State is providing 5,000 young people with opportunities by working with ALX Nigeria. The state hopes to enable its young people to use AI wisely by giving them access to high-quality tech education. This will aid in both their own personal growth and the expansion of the technology industry in the area.


An important step has been taken in the mission to empower young and promote socioeconomic development through tech education with the collaboration of ALX Nigeria and the Enugu State Government. Enugu State is training its youth for the future and establishing itself as a centre for creativity and technological growth by providing the AICE course. With the help of this programme, the youth of Enugu will be prepared to seize the opportunities presented by the digital age and make significant contributions to the betterment of society.



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