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Assemblies Of God Hails Gov Otti For Sincerity In Governance


Dr. Alex Otti, the governor of Abia State, has received recognition for his people-centered governance and developmental achievements in the state from organisations and leaders in a wide range of fields in less than a year of office.


During the 26th Annual Prayer Conference of the church, which is named “Zam Jehovah,” Rev. Ejindu expressed gratitude to the Governor for his genuine approach to governing.


“You act as you say you will. There has been an extraordinary shift in the short period you have been our governor—just a few months—you truly are the Nehemiah of our day”.


“You are exceptional. You are the Nehemiah of our time. You have come with a vision and you are running with your vision. You have refused to be distracted. You are focused. You are to the point and you know what you are doing.”


Presenting a uniquely made clock to Governor Otti, Rev. Ejindu said that the coming of Governor Otti was timely, adding, “We deeply and sincerely love you, that is why we have invited you and there is a little symbolic gift we want to give you. This gift is symbolic, a time symbolic gift. We give you this time as a symbolic gift because you are on time.


“We know that this was not the first time you were running for the governorship of Abia State. But the God of time, the God who does not come late, the God who does not come early but the God who comes on time brought you on time for such a time as this.

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“You are not only on time. You are working with time. From day one of this commission, you have refused to allow political detractors to distract you. Everything, the contractors and the contracts you are giving, you have a time frame and you are serious with your time.”


In his speech, Governor Otti praised the Church for its prayers and ongoing support beginning in 2015. Referring to the governorship election of March 18, 2023, which put him in office, and the bold attempts by some, now opposition agents, to use the fictitious Obingwa result to thwart his mandate as they had done in the past, which delayed the announcement of his victory for four days, he reminded the church that exactly a year ago, God decided in his own time to do what many taught was impossible.


“You know that the bible recorded that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. You know we waited for four days and on the 19th, 20th, 21st, and then on the 22nd of March, God descended and announced the result. If you remember, it was the last result to be announced.”


The Governor emphasised to the assembly the need to give God the full credit for our success since without Him, none of our efforts would have resulted in the victory we are commemorating today. He declared to the assembly that he was an unreserved child of God. according to him.


“The final thing I will say and it is a charge to you. I don’t know about you, I am unapologetic, I am unashamed, if there is anything like that, a child of God. And there is no apology about it. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord,” he declared.


The governor was accompanied to the church service by a number of government representatives, including Pastor Caleb Ajagba, his chief of staff, Hon. Ucheonye Stephen, a member of the Abia State House of Assembly representing the Aba Central Constituency, and Hon. Uche Waogu, the mayor of Aba South Local Government.



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