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Anambra Government Refutes Story On Ochanja-Iweka Road, Describes Claims As False



The Anambra State Government has denied the rumour circulating on the internet that rain on Monday destroyed the renovated Ochanja road, which Governor Chukwuma Soludo had only recently put into service.


Remember how, following a significant downpour in the state on Monday night, a video of the impacted road became popular on social media?


However, the press secretary for the governor, Christian Aburime, called the internet video misleading.


He claimed that the internet footage showing a washed-out section of the road, which was re-posted by mainstream media, along with the bogus allegations that the road was badly built and approved by Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo weeks ago, are completely untrue.


The statement read, “Following heavy rainfall on Monday 25, March 2024, which caused uprooted trees, downed electrical poles, and damage to public infrastructure across the state, a section of the Ochanja-Iweka Road, currently under construction, was also impacted.


“Contrary to the misrepresentations of the viral video and accompanying insinuations, the washed-out area of the road is less than one foot of recently asphalted pavement. Besides, the Road remains an active construction site, with work ongoing even during the heavy downpour yesterday.

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“The brief vulnerability of the newly paved section is attributed to insufficient curing time before the heavy rain due to the construction schedule. Also, a silted drainage system caused the accumulation of water that affected the small, unfinished section while the road’s solid stone base, throughout its entire length, remains completely intact.


“Thus the trending video deliberately includes misleading footage of a different, already existing road that is not under construction.


“The Ochanja-Iweka Road project is neither finished nor commissioned by Governor Soludo. He has only commissioned the Port Harcourt Road and Niger Street Road in Onitsha South LGA, both of which are demonstrably well-built and functional.


He called on the public to disregard the misinformation campaign accompanying the misleading video, saying that it is a blatant attempt to distort reality and spread fake news.


Aburime added, “Governor Soludo is firmly committed to delivering high-quality road infrastructure that will stand the test of time.”



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