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Ossai Threatens Legal Action Against Bobrisky for ‘Best Dressed Female’ Award

In a public announcement, Mr. Ossai Success, the Senior Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Media, has expressed his intention to take legal action against popular Nigerian personality Bobrisky and the producer of the movie “Ajanuku: Beast of Two Worlds.” Ossai alleges that the awarding of the “Best Dressed Female” title to Bobrisky at the movie premiere in Lagos State promotes transgender ideals.


Speaking out on social media, Ossai criticized Bobrisky’s recognition and questioned its appropriateness, suggesting that Bobrisky’s presence at such events sets a negative example for Nigerian youth. He called for governmental intervention, urging authorities to apprehend both Bobrisky and the movie producer for what he perceives as advocacy for transgender and LGBTQ+ rights, contrary to Nigerian legislation.


Ossai’s statements also condemned attendees of the premiere, describing them as detracting from the dignity of womanhood. He advocated for the prohibition of the movie in Nigeria due to its alleged endorsement of transgender identity and LGBTQ+ rights.


The situation has sparked a debate on LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria, with varying opinions on the matter. As tensions rise, attention now turns to the government’s response, amidst growing calls for action from both supporters and opponents of LGBTQ+ rights. The outcome of this dispute remains uncertain, leaving many Nigerians awaiting further developments.

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