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Construction Works Stalled In South East Over New Price Of Chippings


Due to new prices, more than 500 trucks that were supposed to deliver granite and chippings to different parts of the South East region are now stuck at the Ishiagu quarry in Ebonyi State. This has caused construction activities to halt in the area.


This is because Chinese companies who mine the materials, the distributors, and the government of Ebonyi State disagreed about the running costs of the products.


The quarry businesses are demanding ₦18, 900 per tonne of chippings, citing operational expenses as the reason for the change. Meanwhile, the state government, which stepped in when distributors protested, is insisting on a maximum price of ₦13, 000 per tonne.


A weekend conference to establish a long-term solution broke down in impasse because the corporations would not change their positions, unless ordered to do so by their Chinese parent companies.


According to information obtained by The Guardian, distributors protested the mining companies’ hike in service fees, claiming it would have a negative impact on their company. Consequently, they had declined to purchase the goods at the higher prices until the businesses went back to their previous pricing structure.

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