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Mbah Pledges To End Epileptic Power Supply In Enugu


Peter Mbah, the governor of Enugu State, declared that his administration would eliminate the problems caused by the state’s epileptic power supply for both businesses and citizens.


“Electricity is a major infrastructural requirement for industrial development. We are going to set up Enugu State Electricity Regulatory Commission as we tackle all legal and regulatory issues in actualising the objective,” Mbah said.


During a town hall meeting in the former Government Lodge with numerous stakeholders, including state journalists, the governor made the vow in response to questions.


He said that in order to support enterprises and guarantee a consistent supply of electricity to the populace, the state will take advantage of the opportunities presented by the power sector reforms that decentralized electricity generation and distribution.

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As part of the steps to achieve the goal, he announced that the State Electricity Regulatory Commission will soon be established. “By 2026, we will be able to generate enough for both business and households,” he stated.


“Working with the private sector, we shall generate and distribute electricity in Enugu by the end of 2026. We will build new transmitter lines and handle distribution of power.


“People can come here to buy and distribute power, our desire is to ensure we have steady power supply to businesses and households in Enugu,” the governor said.


He said that of the 260 smart schools the government had planned, 135 contracts had been given out in all 260 wards, and he predicted that all 260 smart schools will be operational by September 2025.


Mbah discussed the pensions and worker welfare of retired local government employees as well as teachers, pledging to resolve the issues once the committee tasked with overseeing them had finished its report.



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