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Enugu Partners African Leadership Accelerator To Reduce Unemployment, Build Youth Capacity


The African Leadership Accelerator (ALX) and the Enugu State government have partnered to increase young capacity and cut unemployment in the state by seventy percent.


Llyod Ekweremadu, the Enugu State Commissioner for Youths and Sports, recently announced the cooperation in Enugu. He stated that the governor’s desire to see young people learn the skills necessary to compete successfully on a global scale anywhere in the globe drove the effort.


“One of the main reasons we decided to partner with ALX is their track record that they have in connecting young people across Africa with employment opportunities at some of the top Tech companies in the world and we want the youth of Enugu State to benefit from it.


“We are determined under the leadership of Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah to find key areas where the youth of Enugu State can be competitive, particularly in technology and ICT,” he said.


Ekweremadu pointed out that one of the partnership’s main goals is to address the issue of youth unemployment, which is a problem in Nigeria generally.


“We have as a Ministry that targets to reduce youth unemployment by 70 percent by 2030 and we have identified areas where we have the most required skills and technology is at the fore front of that.


“Coming out of COVID, we realized the various opportunities that represented by this space and between then and now many startups in the tech space have emerged in Nigeria and we are trying to take advantage of this wave and ride it for the benefits of the youth of Enugu State,” he said.


He announced that the state is launching a free career advancement course in conjunction with artificial intelligence.


“We have not maximized the potential of artificial intelligence in terms of creating opportunities for our selves, improving the efficiency of the work that we do.

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“We want our young people to be competitive, ALX is partnered with Mastercard Foundation and together we are able to bring that AI course to the youth for free and we are also here to talk about all the other courses that we will continue to collaborate with ALX to bring to our young people, which would not necessarily be for free, but government would make sure that they are affordable for our young people to take advantage of them”.


The government invited them to activate Enugu, according to Ruby Igwe, country general manager for ALX Nigeria. She also noted that ALX is a pan-African company and that technology is the tool that has already altered the course of history.


Because artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to drastically alter how we live our lives, she compared it to the internet and said that everyone, especially young people, needs to be able to explain what AI is and how to use the various AI tools available.


“Our mission is to raise young leaders across the continent, especially in Nigeria because we are a country with the largest population in Africa, and we also have a massive youth hub across the country. With at least, half of our population between the ages of 18 and 34, we are passionate about young people we are passionate about their potentials, capacity and their competence,” she said.


The country general manager emphasized on unemployment but expressed more concern about being unemployable, saying it is one thing to not have a job, and another thing to not to get a job because of the lack of skill set and mind set.


“We are not here to offer training for training seek, training is a means for you getting a job, ALX is very relational and not transactional in that approach because we don’t just leave you after you have gotten your training, we stay with you to ensure that you get you to a place where you are fulfilled and you are also contributing to society.



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