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Otti Moves To Break Jinx Of ‘No Easy Route to Arochukwu’, Flags Off 30km Road Reconstruction


The state governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, officially kicked started the rebuilding of the shortest route from Umuahia to Arochukwu yesterday, ending the curse of poor roads in the region that gave rise to the proverb “There’s no easy route to Arochukwu.”


The shortest route between Umuahia, the state capital city, and Arochukwu is thought to be the 30 km Arochukwu-Ndi Okereke-Ozuabam Road. However, it has been neglected for a long time.


The quickest way to get to Arochukwu Local Government Area, which is located in the northernmost point of Abia State, is to travel through Akwa Ibom State due to the area’s poor road conditions.


Governor Otti stated during his remarks at the flagging-off event at Amuvi Arochukwu that the goal of his road reconstruction strategy was to “create new pathways for social and economic development.”


One of the “many impediments that limit the capacity of individuals and businesses to function at their full potential,” he said, was the appalling state of the roads.


According to him, his administration is committed to the “consistent removal of such impediments” to growth in order to improve the living condition of the people across rural and urban communities.


Otti lamented the utter neglect of “most economically viable roads” in the state over the years resulting to the state paying huge economic price in lost opportunities.


“Farmers in rural communities found it difficult to move their produce to the markets leading to heavy post-harvest losses.

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“Most painfully, businessmen and women from different parts of Nigeria and the West African sub-region who had relied on markets in Aba for supplies quickly took their patronage to other places,” he stated.


The governor stated that his government has made a covenant to bring succour to the people after many years of frustrations, hence “road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance must be made major priorities.”


Otti pointed out that broadening the scope of road renovation would not only improve the state economy but also foster closer ties between communities, leading to peaceful cohabitation and the quick growth of the tourism industry.


In addition to stating that “over 30 road projects are simultaneously going on in different parts of the state,” he predicted that the Arochukwu-Ndi Okereke-Ozuabam Road will be completed in around a year.


In order to help the government provide the supplies, Otti pleaded with the residents and businesses in the state to pay their taxes and other mandatory payments “with religious commitment.”


He cautioned the populace against engaging in unlawful destruction of public property and warned of the serious repercussions of doing so.


Speaking at the ceremony were stakeholders and traditional leaders from Arochukwu Local Government, who described the terrifying experience that the locals had because of the terrible state of the abandoned route.


They conveyed their relief and gratitude to Governor Otti for saving their bacon by starting the Arochukwu-Ndi Okereke-Ozuabam Road rehabilitation.



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