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Gov. Nwifuru To Revenue Collectors: Don’t Tax Vegetable Sellers, Petty Traders


Revenue collectors have been advised by Ebonyi State Governor Francis Nwifuru not to collect taxes from vegetable vendors and other small-time vendors.


Dr. Monday Uzor, the governor’s chief press secretary, released a statement in Abakaliki on Wednesday that included this warning.


According to him, the governor made the remark at the Revenue Appeal Commission’s member induction ceremony, which took place at the New Government House in Abakiliki’s Centenary City.


Nwifuru called the practice of taxing vegetable vendors inhumane and pleaded with them to desist from it.


He claimed there was no justification for taxing individuals who sold their farm products in neighborhood marketplaces.


“I want you to go for big big business owners.

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“I have told the Revenue Service, I don’t want you to go to the village markets and be collecting tax from vegetable sellers, I have said it times without number.


“I don’t see reasons we should be taxing people who are selling what they got from their farms,” he advised.


In order to increase the state’s internally generated revenue and avoid infringing on citizens’ rights, the governor urged Augustine Nwankwegu, Chairman of the Revenue Service and Appeal Commission, and its members to carry out their tasks with a human face.


“I don’t want shouting, I don’t want closing people’s shops, you have to look at the people’s shops and tax them based on what they have, everything is all about negotiations,” he said.


Speaking on behalf of the appointments, Nwankwegu thanked the governor and gave him his word that the revenue service will exert great effort to raise state revenue and facilitate business transactions in the state.



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