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ASATU: Soludo Deserves Commendations Not Condemnations


According to Akpudo, who examined Soludo’s two years in office, Anambra State had never had a governor award more than 400 kilometers of roads and put around 200 of those kilometers into service. that the aforementioned roads were extremely reliable and guaranteed for 20 years.


Reflecting on the past, Akpudo recalled that he attempted to travel to Awba-Ofemili in the Awka-North council region of the state in 2011 for a funeral service, but was unable to do so because of the extremely bad condition of the road at the time.

He expressed his confusion over the fact that a trip that took him nearly four hours in 2011 could not be finished in less than twenty-two minutes on March 14 when he traveled the identical route.


In addition to hiring teachers, Akpudo pointed out that the governor also provides their salary. that in addition to planting trees, farmers receive financial empowerment to expand their farming operations.

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He said that in addition to appointing permanent secretaries—two Yoruba men and one Abia man—to Anambra State, Governor Soludo had equipped 5,000 young people with economic skills, regardless of whether the recipients were from Anambra.


He stated that while the governor celebrated his second anniversary, ASATU wished for his well-being so that he may carry on doing good deeds for the populace.


However, Akpudo urged opposition parties to be more constructive in their criticism rather than to indulge in divisive propaganda, since this would enable the ruling government be up and doing.



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