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Otti Warns As Thieves Damage Public Gutters In Aba, Sell Off Rods As Scraps


The governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, has denounced the actions of certain individuals who go around breaking down gutter covering slabs in various areas of Aba, taking out the rods, and selling them as scraps.


During this month’s media chat with the Abia people, the governor made the observation at Government House, Umuahia, in response to inquiries from journalists. He stated that damaging property intended for public use is illegal.


A task force has already been established to apprehend individuals responsible for the destruction, he said, adding that anyone found out would face charges from a mobile court.


The accusations that the State government is misappropriating money intended for local governments within the State were refuted by the governor.


He pointed out that if the Abia State administration embezzled money from local government chairmen, they would not be able to implement various development projects in their districts.

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He urged those making the accusations to provide supporting documentation, stating that there was no possibility his administration would embezzle money from the local government.


“There is no truth in that. You know it is not possible. We don’t operate in a system where snakes and rats swallow money. If they have proof let them bring it”, Otti said.


He also revealed that some government agricultural properties that were granted to certain individuals by previous administrations in the State have been returned to the State by the recipients, and some of the recipients are requesting a reimbursement of their expenses.


The 11 kilometer Nunya-Isiukwato Road and the Ozu Abam-Okobo-Arochukwu Road were awarded by the governor, who also declared that work on them will begin on Wednesday.


Otti argued in favor of the installation of work attendance tracking devices in local government settings, stating that any civil servant who failed to document more than 70% of attendance each month would not be paid.



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