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‘Squid Game’ Actor, O Yeong-su Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

Renowned actor O Yeong-su, aged 79 and known for his role in the hit series “Squid Game,” has been found guilty of sexual misconduct by a South Korean court. The incident dates back to 2017 when he was charged with assaulting an actress.


Despite being sentenced to eight months in prison, with the sentence suspended for two years, O Yeong-su maintains his innocence. He has also been mandated to complete 40 hours of sexual violence education.


During his initial court appearance in February 2023, O Yeong-su expressed remorse, stating, “I am sorry. I think I behaved badly.” However, he continues to deny the allegations, which could have led to a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.

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The charges stem from a complaint filed by an unnamed woman, accusing the actor of inappropriate touching. Judge Jeong Yeon-ju emphasized the consistency and credibility of the victim’s testimony, leading to the conviction.


Despite his accolades as a prominent stage actor and his Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actor in a series, O Yeong-su faces repercussions both legally and socially. Feminist organization Womenlink stressed the importance of acknowledging the gravity of sexual violence, urging the accused to apologize to the victim and accept responsibility for his actions. O Yeong-su has stated his intent to appeal the verdict.



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