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Get Paid to Move: Columbus, Georgia 2025 Offers $5,000 and More to Move There


COLUMBUS, Ga. – A recent initiative by Columbus 2025 to attract professionals to the city has sparked interest nationwide, clarifying misconceptions surrounding the incentive-driven program.


Contrary to viral social media claims, the program does indeed offer $5,000 to professionals willing to relocate, with a catch—they must bring their jobs along. Columbus 2025, a local initiative focusing on jobs, talent, and community, partners with MakeMyMove to facilitate this opportunity.


Tabetha Getz, Executive Director of Columbus 2025, explains the program’s year-long planning and reassures that it’s not displacing local jobs. Eligibility criteria include living at least 75 miles away, remote employment earning $75,000 annually, and relocating to Muscogee County.


In exchange for taking the leap, selected candidates receive relocation funds, six months of co-working space, community engagement opportunities, and even a chance to meet the mayor over coffee.


Despite online skepticism, Getz emphasizes the rigorous selection process, with over 1,400 applicants and counting, showcasing genuine interest in Columbus. Ten lucky individuals will be chosen this year, promising a seamless transition for those eager to call Columbus home.

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