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” Embrace Estate Management” Ebonyi State Commissioner Urges Youth

Mathew Nwaobashi, the Ebonyi State Commissioner for Lands and Survey, has suggested that young people pursue careers in estate management.

Such a firm, he claimed, would improve their standard of living.

At Success City Realty’s opening, Nwaobashi delivered a speech in Abakaliki.

Its goal is to become the state’s most proficient provider of real estate products and services.

Additionally, the company offers estate management training to young men and women.

The CEO, Kenneth Mbadiwe, claims that this will help them become employers of labor once they have acquired expertise from the company and become self-sufficient.

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According to Nwaobashi, the government of Governor Francis Nwifuru, which is based on the charter of needs, would provide Success City Realty and other businesses with an atmosphere that will allow them to use the real estate industry to support the growth of Ebonyi State.

Mbadiwe stated that his company would construct the state’s first solar-powered city estate and that his goal was to develop long-lasting homes.



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