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Ballot Box Vandalized as Russian Presidential Election Begins

The opening day of Russia’s presidential election faced turmoil as acts of vandalism disrupted polling stations, resulting in nine arrests for various offenses including pouring dye into ballot boxes and arson attacks. Despite warnings of severe consequences for election-day protesters, incidents of vandalism occurred across the country, with reports including setting voting booths ablaze and pouring dye into ballot boxes.


Incidents spread across multiple regions, with arrests made in Voronezh, Karachay-Cherkessia, Rostov, Saint Petersburg, Khanty-Mansi, and Chelyabinsk. Additionally, in southern Ukraine, an explosive device was detonated at a voting site. The disruption extended to border areas, with Ukrainian drone and artillery strikes claiming casualties in the Belgorod region.


Meanwhile, Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine intensified, with one of the deadliest missile attacks targeting Odesa. The conflict escalated as cross-border raids by pro-Kyiv guerilla fighters tested Putin’s resolve, bringing the conflict into Russian territory. Putin, seeking another term, emphasized the importance of unity amid challenging times, urging support to safeguard Russia’s sovereignty.

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With Putin’s major opponents either incapacitated or barred from running, the election outcome appears predetermined. Opposition voices have criticized the election as a sham, echoing sentiments from Western governments and Kyiv.


Amidst the chaos, voting continued, even in occupied territories, drawing condemnation from Kyiv as “illegal.” European leaders sarcastically acknowledged Putin’s expected “landslide victory.” However, concerns lingered over the integrity of the electoral process amidst the spate of polling station incidents.


As tensions escalate, Russia’s defense ministry claimed control over disputed regions, citing attempts to destabilize the elections. The FSB announced arrests linked to alleged plots targeting crucial infrastructure to disrupt the elections and counter Russia’s military offensive.



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