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Atiku Abubakar Calls for Probe into Alleged N3 Trillion Budget Padding

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has joined the chorus demanding a thorough investigation into the alleged N3 trillion padding in the 2024 budget, labeling it a threat to the nation’s fiscal integrity.


Expressing his concerns on his verified social media handle, Atiku criticized the Nigerian Senate’s decision to suspend Senator Abdul Ningi, whom he hailed as the whistleblower in the controversy.


In a series of tweets, Atiku highlighted the importance of transparency in the appropriation process, emphasizing the need for accountability in governance.


He asserted, “Allegations surrounding the 2024 Appropriation Act have raised serious doubts about the transparency of our nation’s budgetary framework. The sudden suspension of Senator Ningi only adds fuel to the fire, demanding urgent scrutiny.”


Demanding immediate action, Atiku urged for a comprehensive investigation into the budget padding allegations, stressing that any deviation from serving the people’s interests should face vehement opposition.

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“Attempts to dismiss these allegations of N3 trillion budget padding as baseless are unacceptable. The repercussions of such actions are dire, exacerbating our nation’s economic woes,” Atiku stated.


Citing the current hardships facing Nigeria, Atiku cautioned against overlooking allegations that could worsen the economic situation, calling for transparent handling of corruption cases, including the unresolved NNPC loan repayment scandal.


He further urged the National Assembly to fulfill its constitutional mandate of ensuring good governance and accountability, warning against collusion with corrupt elements.


Atiku concluded by emphasizing that persisting in denial would only deepen suspicions of official malpractice, urging the government to address these issues promptly and transparently.



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