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Labour Demands N907,000 Minimum Wage Amid Economic Hardship


In a bold stance, the Nigeria Civil Service Union (NCSU) asserts that the federal government is grappling with economic challenges without a clear roadmap for resolution. During the 58th Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja, Comrade Adoga Gupada Aruwa, the Federal Council Chairman, highlighted the nation’s vulnerability to international agencies like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), cautioning against policies detrimental to the populace.


Expressing solidarity with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the NCSU advocates for a substantial increase in the minimum wage, proposing a figure of N907,000 to address the escalating cost of living. Comrade Aruwa emphasizes the urgent need for unity among workers amidst prevailing insecurity and the government’s perceived inability to provide viable solutions.


Echoing these sentiments, Comrade Daniel Otakpo, Assistant General Secretary of NSCU, points out the adverse impact of the abrupt fuel subsidy removal, citing inadequate preparations to mitigate its repercussions. The absence of strategic measures has exacerbated hardships, particularly among civil servants, despite wage adjustments.


The NCSU’s call for a living wage and criticism of governmental inertia reflect a pressing need for proactive economic strategies to alleviate the burden on Nigerian citizens.

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