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Anglican Mothers Seek Partnership With Soludo’s Wife On Vocational Training In Anambra


The Awka Diocesan moms’ Union, an organization that represents Anglican moms, has announced that it will collaborate with Mrs. Nonye Soludo, the wife of the Anambra governor, on her non-governmental initiative to teach women and girls various professional skills.

While celebrating Mother’s Day over the weekend at the Governor’s Lodge in Anambra, the women made this point clear to the governor’s wife.

Dr. Mrs. Martha Ibezim, the team leader and the wife of the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger and Bishop of the Awka Diocese, said during her presentation that training women and youths in a variety of skills would help them find employment, lower crime rates, and become more independent.

She also discussed other endeavors undertaken by women in the diocese, such as humanitarian missions, scholarships for underprivileged kids, and other initiatives aimed at providing social assistance. She underlined that in order to increase the scope of their activities, government backing is required.

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Speaking to the women, the governor’s wife, Mrs. Soludo, commended the Anglican mothers for standing out for positive change in their diocese and directing funding to the right places. She emphasized the critical role mothers play in creating the best homes and communities, and she urged them to continue coaching other women on childrearing and being the best mothers to their children and others.

Mrs. Soludo pledged to support the women in their effort and reiterated her commitment to bringing children off the streets and into classrooms.

Members of the Mothers’ Union, a division of the Anglican Communion, are married women in the Anglican denomination.



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