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Enugu Aims To Promote Domestic Goods While ActionAid Seeks Better Terms For Women


In an effort to alleviate the current economic crisis, the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) has promoted the sale of locally produced items on the international market in order to draw in foreign cash.


Its president, Odeiga Jideonwo, stated that local production and promotion were critical to the recovery of the Naira and the national economy during the announcement of the 35th Enugu International Trade Fair, scheduled to commence on April 5.


He insisted that the current economic challenges in the country were due to dwindling revenue from the nation’s mono foreign exchange earner – oil, stressing that the fair with the theme “Promoting made in Nigeria products for global competitiveness” has been strategically re-engineered to have meaningful and positive effects on all stakeholders.


Jideonwo claimed that Nigeria has an abundance of resources that can alter the negative narrative.


He said that the event would focus on the agriculture industry.


In a related issue, the Federal Government has been advised to examine various policies that impose hardship on women by ActionAid Nigeria.

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The economic slump, she claimed, has caused setbacks, with many women-owned businesses closing owing to financial difficulties, deepening already-existing gender inequities and injustices, notwithstanding the progress development partners have achieved in empowering women throughout Nigeria.


Mohammed noted that research carried out by her organization in certain communities to determine the impact of the current circumstances on women and children revealed that 80% of their means of subsistence have been impacted by the hardship, with 13% of respondents attributing it to the high expense of living and 80% bemoaning the high cost of transportation.


The group then demanded that the government enact gender-sensitive laws, update economic reforms, give social protection top priority, fight inflation and price volatility, bolster security measures, assist women-owned businesses, and promote communication and cooperation.



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