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Abia Women Storm Government House To Protest Alleged Killing Of Kinsman


In opposition to attacks by their neighbors, Ndi Okorie Abam, some 300 women from the Ozu Abam village in the Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State, peacefully protested at the Abia State Government House and the State House of Assembly, Umuahia.


The women claimed that their son, Chinedu, died as a result of the attacks. He was killed, they said, by attackers from Ndi Okorie Abam, while he was gathering farm fruits.

Ozu Abam women at the Government House Protesting the Alleged Killing Of Kinsman

Additionally, it is said to have resulted in the devastation of Ozu Abam residents’ farmland.


According to the women, a number of Ozu Abam natives were abducted, and those who survived the attacks were admitted to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Umuahia.


The women in black, led by Mrs. Uche Egbuta, claimed that their neighborhood in Ndi Okorie Abam was regularly attacked by their neighbors, who ambushed and attacked them with hazardous weapons.

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She urged the Abia State government to step in right away, claiming that they started the nonviolent demonstration because they didn’t want to take revenge.


She said that many Ozu Abam indigenous people had died as a result of the land conflict in the past.


The Abia State government responded to the State government (SSG) through Professor Keneth Kalu, the Secretary, by stating that it will take all necessary steps to resolve the land dispute.


Additionally, Uchenna Okoro, the member of the Abia State House of Assembly for the Arochukwu constituency, urged calm in the area and stated he had made multiple attempts to resolve the conflicts with a lasting peace.



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