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Abia First Lady Condemns Activities Of Baby Factories, Says Operators Will Be Punished

First Lady of Abia State, Mrs. Priscilla Otti, has expressed her concern over the police’s discovery of a baby factory in the state.


In response to the Abia State Police Command’s Rapid Response Unit saving 16 pregnant women and eight children on Friday, she made this statement.


On Friday, the Police headquarters hosted a parade featuring two suspects connected to the baby factory.


Otti expressed her condemnation of the incident and gave her office’s commitment to look after the victims during the police inquiry.


“On a day when the world celebrates the remarkable achievement of women, it is disheartening to know that few individuals are working to exploit our young women for financial benefits.


“We totally condemn the activities of these baby factories because it goes against our moral foundation. A situation where young girls are exploited and have their babies forcefully taken from them exposes them to uncountable psychological and health danger.

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“I am fully committed to training our young women in skill acquisition. For the victims, pending police the conclusion of police investigation, we shall make sure they are well protected,” she said.


She promised that the state will not tolerate immorality or wickedness against women, young girls, or children since it undermines the government of Abia State’s attempts to modernize the state.


She bemoaned the fact that the baby factory owners took advantage of the young girls’ precarious financial situations.


She mentioned that her agency was working with the State’s Ministry of Women Affairs to engage and train girls so they could resist the allure of evil.


Otti counseled parents to keep a careful eye on their kids’ associations and to report any questionable behavior right away so that appropriate action can be taken.



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