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Scarcity Of Husbands To Become A Big Issue In Southeast, Commission Warns

Women in Anambra State and the Southeast geopolitical zone as a whole will not be able to marry because of unrest and killings.

The Anambra Truth, Justice and Peace Commission (ATJPC) report, an Executive Summary of which was provided to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka, the state capital, yesterday, contained the pronouncement.

It stated that because women were having trouble finding mate, restiveness and killings had led to a fundamental issue with population sustainability.

According to the research, women are among the most severely affected victims, having experienced and potentially now experiencing rape, deaths, the loss of spouses and sons, and being denied access to employment opportunities.

It also mentioned how many young people had left the rural areas and how many of them had died since 1999, when unrest in the area first became noticeable.

“The killings from the ongoing violence in Igboland generally and in Anambra in particular due to violent crimes and claims of agitation have once again disproportionately affected the stock of young males in the region.

“It has reduced the likelihood that women will be able to find suitable mating or marriageable partners while also increasing the likelihood that females will end up unmarried and reproductively unfulfilled.

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“It will further swell the number of unmarried women in the region, particularly among those who reside in the homeland and have limited interaction outside the boundaries of home.

“These women could remain unmarried or wait out their productive years in search of a suitor who has likely been killed.

“They may feel intimidated about giving birth to a child outside marriage for fear of being labeled wayward and humiliating their families for birthing children into illegitimacy,” it declared.

The study emphasized how the negative effects of insecurity have undone earlier gains made in Anambra toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as young boys abandoned their schooling and left their villages out of fear of being killed or kidnapped.

The goal of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to promote peace and prosperity for people and the planet both now and in the future.

The target date for achieving the goals is 2030.

In order to look at instability in Anambra and the Southeast in general, the 14-member ATJPC was established in June 2022.

On Wednesday, it delivered Governor Chukwuma Soludo its final report.

Its chairman was Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, a human rights attorney and the former head of the Nigeria Human Rights Commission.



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