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Grant Thornton Nigeria Hails Abia Government, Geometric Power Over Aba Integrated Power Plant

Grant Thornton Nigeria praised the Abia State Government and Geometric Power for successfully commissioning the Aba Independent Power Plant, a significant milestone in industrialization in Nigeria, particularly Aba, known as the “Taiwan of Africa.” The plant includes a 141 MW gas-fired power plant.


Commenting on this epoch-making event, the Managing Partner and CEO of Grant Thornton Nigeria, Dr. Ngozi Ogwo, stated that the uninterrupted flow of electricity not only powers the operations of organisations but also fuels innovation and economic growth.


“In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, constant energy supply is essential for thriving business hubs and we are optimistic that consistent energy supply would encourage existing and potential businesses in Aba Industrial City to invest in new technologies and push boundaries, driving economic growth and attracting more opportunities, and our firm, Grant Thornton, is poised to support this growth,” she said.


Aba industrial city, renowned for local entrepreneurs and skilled artisans, is bolstered by reliable energy supplies. Geometric Power’s Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Ike Alozie, emphasizes the importance of the Aba Independent Power Plant in supporting business hubs and promoting innovation.


“In the short term, we foresee a huge improvement in operational reliability among existing businesses within the Aba business hubs, and this is expected to attract investments and foster job creation, especially in the innovation space in the long and medium terms, respectively,” he said.

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Orji Okpechi, Principal Partner at Grant Thornton Nigeria, highlighted the importance of consistent power supplies in fostering innovation and investment in the hub, highlighting the negative impact of power interruptions.


“Access to dependable electricity enables organizations to concentrate on their core competencies, fostering a collaborative ecosystem. This collaboration results in heightened productivity, efficient operations, and enhanced decision-making, collectively propelling the business hub’s success and competitiveness,” he said.


Companies in Nigeria, a strategic growth market within the Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) global network, prioritize infrastructure, connectivity, and utilities, with a reliable power grid being a crucial factor. Grant Thornton Nigeria operates from three locations and four offices, with 200 staff and ten partners, ensuring seamless integration into the local business environment.



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