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Abia Governor To Sustain Gender Sensitivity In Abia, Says Women Engender Development

The governor of Abia State, Mr. Alex Otti, has declared that his administration will remain gender-sensitive in acknowledgment of the significant contribution that women make to the advancement of society.


In a message of goodwill to Nigerian women on International Women’s Day in 2024, he said as much, characterizing them as models of tenacity and commitment to their responsibilities in the home, at work, and in society at large.”Our administration in Abia State is very gender aware, as seen by the rise in the number of women nominated to the State Executive Council and to government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.


He stated, “It is noteworthy that women hold strategic positions in the State Executive Council in the areas of health, education, agriculture, and poverty alleviation, and that 17 of the 24 Permanent Secretaries in the state are women.”The chief executive of Abia made note of the fact that women currently hold front-ranking posts in the state civil service, which has never happened before.He stated that women’s contributions to assuring global economic, social, and political growth owed Nigeria and the world a debt of appreciation.

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The governor of Abia extended particular congratulations to women for their accomplishments in spite of the various obstacles that society and the natural world placed on them.He went on to say that Nigerian women are the embodiment of elegance, wisdom, beauty, and strength and that they have accomplished a great deal on a national and international level in a variety of fields.Speaking on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year, which has as its subject “Inspire Inclusion,” Otti stated that his government has taken a calculated approach to empowering women and providing them with a sense of inclusion and belonging.He claims that better budgetary allocations to the many areas that directly affect the welfare and well-being of women and girls have made this feasible.


He declared that the Nigeria for Women Project (NFWP), which aims to create better livelihoods for women in specific areas of Abia and Nigeria, has received a counterpart finance payment from his government, demonstrating their commitment to the initiative.”This goal would be achieved by establishing institutional platforms that improve women’s access to critical life, business, and technical skills, as well as by influencing social norms related to gender equality and social inclusion.”In order to do this, the governor of Abia announced that he has already approved the state to start immediately disbursing funds to female entrepreneurs operating small and microbusinesses in rural regions under the state’s cooperative program at zero interest.


“This is in fulfillment of our campaign promise to empower our women in building their businesses at the grassroots and help to create wealth across the state. No less than 50 persons per ward are expected to receive the sum of N100,000, each,” he said.


Otti praised all the ladies of Abia, especially his wife Priscilla, for their support and for believing in him and his government, as he celebrated the International ladies’s Day with women.



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